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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Imagine Dragons

Lead vocalist of Imagine Dragons Dan Reynolds performs to a sold-out crowd Wednesday night in the HUB's Alumni Hall. Photo by Steve Osborn
Dan Reynolds lowers to his knees and hits a large bass drum with mallets. During many of their songs, different members would take turns playing the drum. Photo by Steve Osborn

Guitarist of Imagine Dragons Wayne Sermon adjusts his pedal board Wednesday night in the HUB's Alumni Hall. Photo by Steve Osborn

Bass player of Imagine Dragons Ben McKee plays Wednesday night in the Hub's Alumni Hall. Photo by Steve Osborn

Dan Reynolds holds the mic out toward the crowd Wednesday night in the HUB's Alumni Hall. Photo by Steve Osborn

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

THON Weekend

THON 2013 is held annually at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center. The BJC reached capacity multiple times throughout the weekend. Photo by Steve Osborn.

Ethan Lord, 6, of Sinking Springs, Pa, caught in the middle of a squirts gun battle at THON 2013 Friday evening. Ethan's sister, Alexia Barnett was a THON child who died of cancer in 2011. Photo by Steve Osborn.

Mike Bailey does a "slide of strength" during THON 2013. Slides of strength are done when a dancer runs and slides on a large mat covered in baby powder. Once the dancer stops sliding, he receives a short massage from helping hands. This is the only permissible time for a dancer to be off of their feet. Photo by Steve Osborn

Adam Krempasky shows his Four Diamonds tattoo during THON 2013. Krempasky got his tattoo to forever remember how THON has changed his life. Photo by Steve Osborn.

Jay Paterno, left, gives one of his father's ties to THON Overall Chairperson Will Martin. Photo by Steve Osborn

Penn State's club cheerleading performs during THON 2013. Photo by Steve Osborn.

Dancer Amir Tabrizi is embraced by family friend Penny Flecker Saturday evening. Photo by Steve Osborn
Francisco Feliciano Jr. holds Jada Feliciano during family hour. They are a Four Diamonds family from Lancaster, Pa. Photo by Steve Osborn.
Former THON child Krystian Kaufold, right, embraces her mother Lauretta Smith as she is overwhelmed with emotion toward the end of family hour. Photo by Steve Osborn.

Bass player for Go Go Gadjet Nate Myotte plays after family hour during THON 2013.
Lead singer of Go Go Gadjet Jeff Tomrell performs at THON for the sixth year in a row. Photo by Steve Osborn

THON breaks its former record and raised $12,374,034.46 for pediatric cancer. Photo by Steve Osborn
Dancer Reinhardt Swart, left, hugs Rules and Regulations Captain Kevin O'Connor after the total reveal. Photo by Steve Osborn. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snowy Night in State College

Genna Tammaro, left, and Lauren Moyer walk through campus on a snowy night. Photo by Steve Osborn

Monday, February 11, 2013

THON Color Wars Kickoff

All 710 dancers and their moralers participated in Color Wars, which are games and activities held at the Multi-sport Complex the weekend before THON. Color Wars also take place throughout THON weekend as a way to keep dancers entertained and occupied during the 46 hour event. Photo by Steve Osborn.

Laura Brodner, left, and Marika Racibarskas laugh after doing a cartwheel during Color Wars. Photo by Steve Osborn

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Open Discussion

An open discussion was held in room 112 Chambers with President Rodney Erickson. Students were encouraged to ask any questions they may have regarding the university. Photo by Steve Osborn

Monday, February 4, 2013

Douglas Albert

Douglas Albert established his art gallery in 1981 in downtown State College, Pa. Albert compared this space to "basically a garage" before he turned it into an art gallery. Photo by Steve Osborn
Douglas Albert stays busy at his desk, which is surrounded by many pieces of artwork from all over the country. Photo by Steve Osborn  

Douglas Albert's art gallery maintains a relatively high inventory of works collected from all over the country. Photo by Steve Osborn
Douglas Albert places items on a shelf in what little space he has left. Photo by Steve Osborn