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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Penn State Vs. Ohio State

Penn State players enter the field as they get ready to face-off with the Ohio State Buckeyes at Beaver Stadium. Photo by Steve Osborn

Jamal Marcus, left, tackles Bill Belton after receiving a kickoff. Photo by Steve Osborn

Matt Freeman twirls flaming batons in front of 107,818 fans during the halftime show. Photo by Steve Osborn

Matt McGloin (11) fumbles the ball as he's tackled by Ohio State players Steve Miller (88) and Joe Burger (48). Photo by Steve Osborn

Mike Hull stands with teammates during the singing of Penn State's alma mater after their loss to the Ohio State Buckeyes. Photo by Steve Osborn

Head coach Bill O'Brien stands with his team during the singing of the Penn State alma mater after their loss to Ohio State. Photo by Steve Osborn.

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