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Thursday, January 17, 2013

UPUA iPad Hearing

The University Park Undergraduate Association's Board of Arbitration convenes  to discuss possible violations of UPUA Budgetary Policy and UPUA Code of Practical Standards committed by Chief of Staff John Zang (far left). The defense was lead by Anthony Christina (center, standing). Photo by Steve Osborn  

Spencer Malloy presents his argument to the board. Pictured from left: Chief of Staff John Zang, President Courtney Lennartz, Chairman Spencer Malloy and Anthony Christina. Photo by Steve Osborn
The board ruled that Spencer Malloy was guilty of violating UPUA Budgetary Policy 9.4.4, which states that all discretionary spending must be approved by a committee vote. Pictured from left: Khaled Rihawi, Anthony Panichelli, Ryan Thomas, Rachel Geizura and Oren Adam.

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